Sunday, February 21, 2010

Item camp!! * Eternity * sexy shirt butterfly ( black&white )

Item camp!! * Eternity * sexy shirt butterfly ( black&white )

* that had been distributed on February 4 Eternity * Sexy shirt butterfly ( black&white ) was set up as Item camp today.
Please use it together with pants distributed on February 18. The installation becomes only the main store.

2月4日に配布した* Eternity * sexy shirt butterfly ( black&white )を今日Item campとして設置しました。

.:o0o:.* Eternity *.:o0o:. Main store

Saturday, February 20, 2010

* Eternity * sexy pants butterfly ( black&white ) Group Gift !!

* Eternity * sexy pants butterfly ( black&white ) Group Gift !!
* before distributed with the group gift Eternity * The foil pants were made under sexy shirt butterfly ( black&white ). Please use it when it is good.
Top and bottom of here clothes can be joined the group of * Eternity *, and be received from the group notification.
* Eternity * Sexy pants butterfly ( black&white ) can be received from the notification on February 18, 2010.

以前、グループギフトで配布しました* Eternity * sexy shirt butterfly ( black&white )の下にはくパンツを作ってみました。

* Eternity * sexy pants butterfly ( black&white ) は、2010年2月18日の通知から受け取れます。

.:o0o:.* Eternity *.:o0o:. Main store

Thursday, February 18, 2010

NEW NEKO & GOTH SKIN ( men & women )

It informs them of the cat skin and goth skin of the new sale.
It put it on the market by two colors of pale and tan.
It comes to see by all means. It is ^ for men and each for women.
It is ^ when using it by the couple.
And, the opening gift had the 15th and ended.
Please acknowledge it.
When the number of groups reaches 500 people some time, I want to think about the gift again.

猫スキンとgoth skinを新発売のお知らせです。



.:o0o:.* Eternity *.:o0o:. Main store

Saturday, February 13, 2010

An open gift ends on February 15.

An open gift ends on February 15.

One month has passed soon since it opened on January 15, 2010.
The open gift set up on the first floor and the second floor becomes an installation until February 15.
Please come to bringing forward if you have not gotten it yet.

We wish sincerely to express our gratitude for a lot of people's having come from the opening to a store up to now.
The number of members of the group is about 400 people at present.

I want to work hard you of the group importantly in the future.
Please my best regards.




.:o0o:.* Eternity *.:o0o:. Main store

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

* Eternity *newbie free gift (men & women)

Today's new figure limitation NEWBIE within 30 days after it registers
FREE GIFT(men&women) was set up in the vicinity of the entrance of the main store.

It is a mechanism that gentle content of contents to the beginner is passed with the folder.

There is a men's, women's box.

Everyone can get it by registering without the group relation if it is within 30 days.

FREE GIFT(men&women)をメインストアの入り口付近に設置しました。




.:o0o:.* Eternity *.:o0o:. Main store
skin , shape , eyes , eyelash , cafe ,.:i *Towa* i:.

Monday, February 8, 2010

.:o0o:.* Eternity * .:o0o:.FREE!! koibana tatoo (unisex) LB

.:o0o:.* Eternity * .:o0o:.FREE!! koibana tatoo (unisex) LB

:::<< A store is opened in Koibana Creaters Mall >>:::.
A lucky board was set up today because the love flower tattoo had been made here.
Please go by all means because here is a wonderful lace.

:::<< Koibana Creaters Mall >>::: に出店しています。

.:o0o:.* Eternity *.:o0o:. :::<< Koibana Creaters Mall >>::: store

Heart CAT MALL lucky bord FREE skin (cat men& cat women)

Heart CAT MALL lucky bord FREE skin (cat men& cat women)

A store is opened in Heart CAT MALL.
Be always kind.
Man and woman's skin is set up today and a lucky board has been set up.
A lot of people are expected to visit the lace.
Please go by all means at this chance because it is a wonderful lace.

Heart CAT MALL に出店しています。

.:o0o:.* Eternity *.:o0o:. Heart CAT Mall shop

Saturday, February 6, 2010

NEW !!! .:o0o:.* Eternity * .:o0o:. Valentine special Item - 3F 214L$ skins!! SALE

NEW !!! .:o0o:.* Eternity * .:o0o:. Valentine special Item - 3F

The specially-installed hall of the Valentine's Day articles was able to be done newly.
Man and woman's skin and pupil of man and woman using combinedly. The eyelash and the nail is sold.
The chocolate of the heart held in the mouth has been served to gachagacha.
Valentine special skin is 214L$ until February 14. It is a special price only now.
A free gift of the chocolate is put and take it, please. It is on the commodity and the other side.

Valentine special skinは、2月14日まで214L$です。今だけのスペシャルプライスです。

        Towa Lax

Monday, February 1, 2010

XSTREET ONLY SALE ".:i *Towa* i:. Several ways glitter dress ~blue x green~" Limited time sale 90% OFF !!!!!

.:It was before ..i *Towa* i:.. ..the shop...
We will inform you that we revived with XSTREET though the activity stop was done once last September.

It is a sale of the limited time only of Several ways glitter dress ~blue x green ~ as of now.
It has thought about the period during February long.

It is 1000L$→100L$ and super-profitable 90%OFF.

Especially, it is a dress made sticking to feeling of quality.
・・・ ><;

The point accessories installed in the adornment and the shoulder of the hair accessories and the skirt attach, too.
All the resize scripts enter.

Thus, I am an especially recommended dress set.

By all means how in this most profitable chance by all means?

Please access it here. I think that I can personally go to the page.

Attention: It is sales only with XSTREET.


.:i *Towa* i:. というお店を以前やっていました。

 今現在、Several ways glitter dress ~blue x green~ のみの期間限定セールになっています。





ぜひぜひ、一番 お得なこの機会にいかがでしょうか。